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Life changes you

Life changes you, and to say it doesn't means you're either lying or trying to fool yourself. It's what we do when we've changed that determines our success, for to change and not grow is a living experience wasted.


Hey all, just a quick update to let you know what's going on here at Ap0s7e.

God is blessing me, hallelujah glory to God! He's blessed me with an awesome wife, a wonderful family and I just praise Him for that, amen!

Things are going well, I need more cash than I'm got right now so I can make sure the bills can be paid but that's about it. I'm now able to suggest CD's to you that I really like or that I've found helpful in my walk. Hopefully if you buy them you'll come here first as I'm able to offer them at decent prices through Amazon. It would be a blessing to you and I get a small % of their earnings which would then bless me in return.

I updated my journal, hope you'll take a peek and I'll write again soon.

God bless you!

The two CD's I suggest you to order are as follows "She must and shall go free" from Derek Webb which has the song Wedding Dress on it.

The second CD is Remember from Jason Upton, I love this CD. Tracks 2. Great River Road and 7. Fly are my favorites. They blessed me SO much. Not only does this help support this site but also the ministries who put out the CD's. May God bless you all