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JC lyrics


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A big thank you goes out to <strong>me</strong> for submitting these lyrics :)

I don't want em brothers on the street to kno ma name
cause ma life ain't no simple ball game
theres is just one player worth for the hall of fame
without i couldn't do this here thang
It ain't MJ or a guy called Sammy Sosa
what u mean u doesn't kno? ur supposed to
listen while I'm rappin
you just move ya feets n i can see ya hands clappi
while the beat is happenin
you feel teh flow but u don't feel me
you got yo eyes but you is so blinde you can't see
y'also got yo ears but you're to dizzay
you can hear ma voice but don't understand the words i sizzay

YOu have to meet him, player you can't deny it
because you need him, You think you're Goliath
sayin: I need nobody, cause i'm the greatest
man I ain't playin like with the gear of a mercedes
common n listen cause its the truth when i say this
you need his fogiveness so come and pray with
me and he'll forgive your sins, no matter what you did
and he'll give you eternal life and you'll be wit
him in heaven, so praise the Lord like 24/7