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Journey On lyrics

CD Title: Between The Now And Then

Charles Billingsley

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I Cor. 3:13; James 1:12; Ecc. 7:14; II Tim. 2:3; I Cor. 1:8

When this life is like a roller coaster ride
From highest peaks down mountain sides
To lowest valleys where we tend to walk away
Don't falter, stand stronger?

Journey on down the trail of tears
Journey on through the desperate years
When life drags you through the raging fire
When you've lost your only heart's desire
Journey on through the pounding rain
Let it soothe and cool the burning pain
'Cause it won't be long
'Til the storm is gone
Journey on

When your heart has left you hanging by a thread
And you feel you've been misled
Then trust the One whose arms will never let you go
He'll never leave you - let Him lead you


If you walk by faith
Every step you take
Will help you find your way
Back to the road that leads you home.