He'll do it again lyrics

Shirley Caesar

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Thanks to franklin Anno for requesting these lyrics.

You may be down and feel like God
Has somehow forgotten
That you are faced with circumstances
You can?t get through
But now it seems that there?s no way out
And you?re going under
God?s proven time and time again
He?ll take care of you

And He?ll do it again
He?ll do it again
If you?ll just take a look
At where you are now
And where you?ve been
Well hasn?t He always come through for you
He?s the same now as then
You may not know how
You may not know when
But He?ll do it again

God knows the things you?re going through
And He knows how you?re hurting
You see he knows just how you?re heart
Has been broken in two
But He?s the God of the stars, of the sun and the sea
And He is your Father
You see He can calm the storm
And He?ll find some way to fix it for you


Oh He?s still God and He will not fail you
Oh He?s still God and He will not change
Know, Know that He?s God and He?s fighting for you
Yes, just like Moses, just like Daniel,
And just like Shadrach and Meshach, Abednego


You may not know how
And you may not know when
You may not know how
You may not know when
But I know that He?ll do it again
He?ll do it again, again
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Song Comments

Entry by: wildon harris - Email: wilpat2 AT msn.com
How can I buy the words and music to this song? Thanks for you help! We love it and my husband wants to sing it as a solo at church. Pat Harris

Entry by: Lucille Pinder - Email: llpinder AT yahoo.com
Oh i LOVE this song it says so much to me i heard it a few days ago and now finally i have the lyrics thanks to you and my daugther.

Entry by: suzzette lattibeaudiere - Email: suzzette_78 AT yahoo.com
In which year did Shirley first sang this song

Entry by: SandyPat - Email: ligetoit AT gmail.com
May God reachly bless my mentor Pastor Shirley Caeser this song is really a heart touch i luv and feels it deep down my heart God bless u.

Entry by: Kenisha - Email:
gr8 song lovely lyrics and indeed true god will always do it again hes infinite and glory praise and honour be to his holy and righteous name

Entry by: Hloniphile - Email: Welewam AT gmail.com
This song took me from a very dark place when I thought my life wz over t gave me strenght n now I it life its through dis song. Thank u.

Entry by: Jason - Email: mcgeoffrey2010 AT yahoo.com
I am deeply in love with this song it encourages me.

Entry by: Tobin - Email: tobinsuzie AT yahoo.com
I would like to know who worte this song?

Entry by: Kefa Smith - Email: kefa_smith AT yahoo.com
Ever since I heard this song,I fell in love with it. I just had to get the lyrics of this song to sing in church. this song changed my life completely and I know in my trials got will always get me through it.

Entry by: hannah nantwi - Email: hnabs 89 AT yahoo.com
in fact this song really captured my heart the first time i heard it. i\'ve been looking for the lyrics and got it at long last. thanks & God bless.

Entry by: Priscilla - Email: pocket_8 AT yahoo.com
the sentence \"HASNT HE ALWAYS COME THROUGH FOR U\" just makes me cry.. coz not once has he failed me.. he has been faithful all the days of my life and has promised to be.

Entry by: Emmanuel Appolos - Email: appolos2 AT yahoo.com
I thank God that I finally the lyrics of this soul inspiring song \'He will do it again\' in my possession. The first time I heard the song in my church in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, I said to myself, God is really inspiring His children to making joyful sound to Him, but I was disappointed that Saturday because I could not get the lyrics of the song from the person that sang it. However, I promise myself that I will not give up until I have the lyrics of the song. When I got to the office this morning, I just typed some part of the lyrics on Google, there came the lyrics, I was happy that God helped me get. May His name be praise. Shirley Caesar, I thank God for you. The song turns me on to the spiritual realm each time I sing and listen to it. My greatest joy is that I can now sing the song to God\'s congregation during the Sabbath School on Saturday. I praise for the spirit I wish I can lay my hand on more of your creative works in music. My the God Lord bless and keep for good works to we see His face. I love. This is my mobile phone number 08026257638

Entry by: Francis Stevens - Email: adorable_franny AT hotmail.com
Thank you very much, I\'ve looked all over for this lyrics I was about to give up and you have made it possible. Thanks you Guys.

Entry by: carmen lopez - Email: lagordadeantonio AT yahoo.com
i fell in love with this song when i first became i chritian at the age of 15.i have been looking for the music and lyrics to sing at our church.i sang at 15 in my church and now my daughter sings and she is 15

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