Firm Foundation lyrics

Jamie Harvill, Nancy Gordon

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A big thank you goes out to jenn for submitting these lyrics :)

Jesus, you're my firm foundation
I know I can stand secure
Jesus, you're my firm foundation
I put my hope in your holy word
I put my hope in your holy word

I have a living hope ( I have a living hope )
I have a future ( I have a future )
God has a plan for me ( God has a plan for me )
Of this I'm sure, of this I'm sure

Your word is faithful ( You're word is faithful )
Mighty in power ( Mighty in power )
God will deliver me ( God will deliver me )
Of this I'm sure, of this I'm sure

* Chorus
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Song Comments

Entry by: Flora - Email: winnieng39ethe AT yahoo.com
Thankyou 4 the lyrics. Recently got born again and am learning the songs.

Entry by: norah nyongesa - Email: norah481 AT yahoo.com
inever took the song into heart until i started yearning for the word,and at my lowest moment i went to church the song was sung during mass.its really uplifted me and i cant stop claiming that Jesus is my firm foundation and i put my hope in his holy Word and that he has a plan for and hel deliver me for this am sure!praise be the name of the lord whom we live for.

Entry by: Cheese123456 - Email: C_Grater AT ymail.com
This song is just beautiful! I love this song and i always will. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Entry by: Mercy kagwiria - Email: thehomeofarts AT yahoo.com
This song inspired me today to know that i can trust in Jesus through shaky times as my firm foundation

Entry by: angela schandorf - Email: naa02133 AT yahoo.com
thats so powerful im blessed amen

Entry by: peter mutuku - Email: mutua_pet2000 AT yahoo.com
Gospel music upgrades my spirit

Entry by: macpel - Email: macpel AT yahoo.com
ive been lookin for this lyrics for the longest time.ay last! its nice thanx a million..

Entry by: nadette - Email: logitechmary AT yahoo.com
amazingly great!

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