God With Us lyrics

Don Moen

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A big thank you goes out to Joy for submitting these lyrics :)

He walked where I walked
He stood where I stand
He felt what I feel
He understands.
He knows my frailty
Shared my humanity
Tempted in every way
Yet without sin

God with us!
So close to us
God with us
Emmanuel (repeat)

One of a hated race
Stung by the prejudice
Suffering injustice
Yet He forgives!
Wept for my wasted years
Paid for my wickedness
He died in my place
That I might live

Emmanuel (repeat)
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Song Comments

Entry by: Bob - Email: bobo.bobo79 AT yahoo.com
I love it and it blessed my life.can i d chord and progression of d song?

Entry by: OJO OPEYEMI - Email: opstinate AT yahoo.com
I give GOD glory,honor and adoration for what GOD has done through this Man (Evangelist Don Moen).When I heard this song \"GOD WITH US\" I started crying,because it\'s full of inspiration. My life,body and soul was touched and I sincerely sorry for my iniquities,just as if I saw Jesus being humiliated and traumatized because of me.Glory be to GOD for the salvation of my soul. Hallelujah!!!

Entry by: Ianne AB R. Basto - Email: basto_ianne AT yahoo.com
i like this song.... bcuz, this is christian song.... hehehe... ^_^

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