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What to say Lord? it's You who gave me life and I
Can't explain just how much You mean to me now
That You have saved me Lord, I give all that I am to You
That everyday I can be a light that shines Your name

Everyday Lord, I'll learn to stand upon Your Word
And I pray that I, that I might come to know You more
That You would guide me in every single step I take
That everyday I can be a light unto the world

Everyday, it's You I live for
Everyday, I'll follow after You
Everyday, I'll walk with You my Lord

It's You I live for, everyday
It's You I live for, everyday
It's You I live for, everyday
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Song Comments

Entry by: marfe ventolero - Email: marfe87 AT yahoo.com
i love this song a lot! we even sang this during the grad mass! i really love this song! may God Bless us all!

Entry by: Helen Marie Catipay - Email: c.helenmarie AT eudoramail.com
No comments. All i can say is that Im so Bless to the music. Keep up the good works, more power and God Bless.

Entry by: Dorin - Email: Chrome31188 AT yahoo.com
I love this song so much and I wanted to download it, thanks for your help on finding it, God bless.


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