All Heaven Declares lyrics

Noel Richards, Tricia Richards

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All heaven declares the glory of the risen Lord
Who can compare with the beauty of the Lord?
Forever He will be (Forever He will be)
The Lamb apon the throne (The Lamb apon the throne)
I gladly bow the knee (I gladly bow the knee)
And worship Him alone

I will proclaim the glory of the risen Lord
Who once was slain to reconcile man to God
Forever You will be (Forever You will be)
The Lamb upon the throne (The Lamb upon the throne)
I gladly bow my knee (I gladly bow my knee)
And worship You alone
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Song Comments

Entry by: William - Email:
Thank you for all updates.God bless you

Entry by: FELIX - Email: harelifelix AT yahoo.com
hello ,God bless you for this good song and me i want to worship my God with singing .

Entry by: chisanga kasonde - Email: kasonde.chisanga AT yahoo.com
This song blesses my heart a lot.u will help me a lot if u can send me the chords for the keyboard also.

Entry by: Peggy Keane - Email: pegkea710 AT aol.com
I love this song and would love to have the music soundtrack for it so that I can sing it in my church. Can you help?

Entry by: Vishaal Lazarus - Email: v_laz AT hotmail.com
I Need the guitar chords for this hymn. Could someone please send them to me? thanx...

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