I Will sing lyrics

Don Moen

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A big thank you goes out to Jasmine for submitting these lyrics :)

Lord You seem so far away
A million miles or more it feels today
And though I haven't lost my faith
I must confess right now
That it's hard for me to pray
But I don't know what to say
And I don't know where to start
But as You give the grace
With all that's in my heart

I will sing I will praise
Even in my darkest hour
Through the sorrow and the pain
I will sing I will praise
Lift my hands to honor You
Because Your Word is true
I will sing

Lord it's hard for me to see
All the thoughts and plans You have for me
But I will put my trust in You
Knowing that You died to set me free
But I don't know what to say
And I don't know where to start
But as You give grace
With all that's in my heart

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Song Comments

Entry by: Alewumi Samuel Joy - Email: Sam_ale4realluv AT yahoo.com
Don, the first day i watch the VCD of this track, "I will sing" I wept for about 20min because it meet me while i was spiritually sick, i confessed my sins &till date, it's still my song dat keeps of re-connected to God whenever i am down. Sir, more grease to your elbow.

Entry by: Abigail Amma Miwornunyuie - Email: Aammamiwornunyuie AT yahoo.com
Don, i have loved and studied this song when i was 18 and till now it keeps me up when am down. Thnx for allowing God to use to bless people lhke me. God bless u.

Entry by: Sarah kabiru - Email: sarahkabiru14 AT gmail.com
I real love this song, it lifts me up when am down and do not know what to tell God.thank you Don for your inspiration and may God shower his blessing to you.

Entry by: olosunde bayode - Email: olosundebayode AT yahoo.com
i like the song but i dont know how to sing it. Keep it up God bless you.

Entry by: Martin - Email: ndlovum97 AT yahoo.co.uk
Wow!!! That\'s a track and a half,Don! Me and my frand luv it so much,its so Ayoba!!!!

Entry by: Winfred - Email: wfsugi AT gmail.com
This song is one that I feel it gives hope to us all...it\'s very inspiring and lifts my heart to know that though God seems so far away He is just there for us all the time. Praise God for this song.

Entry by: Daniels - Email: borriclarry AT yahoo.co.uk
This song must have been given directly from the holyspirit himself!..it\'s a huge song that remind\'s the spirit of man where it\'s place shuld b in God! God bless Sir Don moen nd his generations. Nigeria

Entry by: Pamela Nkeete - Email: pamnkeete AT yahoo.com
God I love this song. I feel blessed when listening to it.

Entry by: Kelechi - Email: Kayc4mee AT yahoo.com
I am right now going thruogh alot in my life,lost my Dad n brother,had to come on net to look for this song,thank u pastor meon for being a blessing to me. Am from Nigeria

Entry by: Vivian - Email: Chizvee26 AT yahoo.com
With this song i\'ve learnt to praise the lord in all circumstance. Thank you don moen your my mentor. From Nigeria

Entry by: bukola - Email: bukkyclement AT yahoo.com
am greatly blessed!! God bless u

Entry by: kat - Email: gladymyrr AT yahoo.fr
I am constantly looking for songs of praise, and when I got to Mr. Moen\'s songs, I could not help but listening to each song several time. I felt my soul was bein blessed. May God keep inspiring you more so we can glorify his name. God bless you Brother Moen!!!

Entry by: Judith Elika - Email: judithelika AT gmail.com
Shalom to you brother, this song really blessed me... You arranged it, and sing it with your heart.. May Jesus abundant grace be with you , your family and your team as well. Stay blessed.

Entry by: Josiah Jeremiah - Email: mcjoe2rhyme AT yahoo.com
I am touch by this song

Entry by: Busingye - Email:

Entry by: Rebecca K. - Email: rmayambala AT yahoo.com
Today I was feeling so low and pain in my heart, but as i was on my way home this song started ringing in my heart. I had to search for the right words and the more i sing i feel the pain melting,the sadness lifting and the badern light. I bless God for Donmoen.

Entry by: enow george - Email: enowgeorgie AT yahoo.fr
i love this music

Entry by: Nosiku - Email: nkalonga AT gmail.com
I love this song- you are a blessing to me, every monday we have a fellowship with the youth- I will teach them the song-it is really great- by the way, am from Zambia. God bless you.

Entry by: Nicholas Appiah - Email: nikels56 AT yahoo.com
Don, how are you doing? May the goodLord use you mightily for the wonderful work you\'re doing. Stay blessed.

Entry by: Anne - Email: annewadam AT yahoo.com
I am so grateful Don Moen, your songs really connects me with Jesus. You such a blessing. May God bless you

Entry by: Cesar - Email: cesarmarieveronique9 AT gmail.com
I appreciate each phrase of this song because they aspire me a lot and comfort me in my desperate time.The worship songs give me the strength to stand up in my daily life. Whatever the plan the enemies have for me, His power made me become more than a conqueror! Keep on putting His Name Higher Mr Moen. His Grace is Flowing on you!

Entry by: Naomi Sokota - Email: naomisokota AT yahoo.com
The song is so touching and smoothing that i dont know what to say. May the Lord continue blessing you.

Entry by: Raphael Okubasu - Email: raphjc AT yahoo.com
I am Kenyan,This song inspires me so much. In life we have to at all times praise God,and give thanks to Him. He is the giver of wisdom,Life,and all things under the Sun.Let Him be held above all nations of the earth because He is able and His Love endures forever.


Entry by: vickie - Email: vickiehaleck AT hotmail.com
love this song, thank you for your gift and sharing God\'s hope to us here in the uttermost parts of the world.

Entry by: nana aba - Email: yvettecoffie AT yahoo.com
God bless u

Entry by: yvette - Email: yvettecoffie AT yahoo.com
God richly bless you for the kind of songs u sing. The words are very inspiring. God bless the womb that gave birth to you

Entry by: jonathan valte - Email: jon_valte AT yahoo.in
i\'m jonathan from india n i\'m 21,i love this song so much n i keep singing it,it really inspires me alot,thanx don meon fo this wonderful song of yours,may God bless u more n more...

Entry by: Emmanuel - Email: holyword.paragon AT yahoo.co.uk
Hmmm... This is a wonderful song! It\'s from the depth of the heart, God is always near even when HE seems to be a million miles away. I pray for grace to follow {JESUS} till the end. God bless you. Amen! From Nigeria.

Entry by: Vincent - Email: Vinciedadoxx AT yahoo.co.uk
This song has the power to just lift me from my most lowest to up in the skies... Blessed are lyrics and Don Moen himself

Entry by: Nicholas Boafo - Email: Invisiblenicky1985 AT yahoo.com
I\'m Ghanaian and i really love this song. Its so touching and anytime i listen i feel very good within myself. God bless us all.

Entry by: Mavinda lilliane dama - Email: briphylmavinda AT yahoo.com
GOD BLESS YOU.I have seen GODS transformation in my life through your ministry.

Entry by: Osineke Chinyere P - Email: Chiprisca2002 AT yahoo .com
I love Don Moen songs because it has been helping me in my ministry. My good God will increase his grace.

Entry by: kathrina - Email: eyeng_sassy AT yahoo.com
this song is really awesome..., let\'s song unto God and give praise...,

Entry by: Dens padao - Email: dens_padao AT yahoo.com
thanks your inspiring other people to be inlove in christ

Entry by: solomon salifu - Email: gamethe50 AT yahoo.com
May the Good lord continue to grant you the enabling grace to heal the heart of men with your worships. you are my mentor in worship. thx a lot for this lyrics.

Entry by: Elvis Mulovhedzi - Email: mulaloem AT yahoo.com
I am from South Africa in JHB, I am blessed by your worship. May our Father, God, continue to bless you and your loved ones including your singings, I love your worship. Pray with me I want to be used by the Almighty God as well so that I can touch others lives. Ndaa!

Entry by: Jennifer Porisema - Email: jennifer_porisema AT ymail.com
I really like this song. i used to sing this anywhere i go. it feels good. I discovered this song in my prayer meeting \"The loved Flock Community\"here in davao city every Friday night

Entry by: Karore Francis - Email: karoref AT yahoo.com
I am from Kenya I like that song coz it is a song which will heal any broken heart. May God continue to bless Don Moen.

Entry by: sylvester - Email: sylvester.sely AT gmail.com
Hi Mr Don Moen i am sylvester from pakitan (karachi)and i love this song very much.But i don,t know how to learn and i don,t know where to start.i want to sing i want praise

Entry by: Usmar Salic - Email: salilacida49er AT yahoo.com
Just love the songs of Don Moen. It lifts up my spirit. God Bless him.

Entry by: Aby Abraham - Email: abytoaby AT hotmail.com
Pls pray for an abundant spiritual life for me and my family !

Entry by: jhun - Email: pormang_hunk AT yahoo.com
this song inspires me alot

Entry by: G.E. - Email: comeandrock AT hotmail.be
i like this song..it\'s really good it has lots of meaning!!!

Entry by: Ket krestine Evarolo - Email: krestine_evarolo AT yahoo.com
I really like the song.. I helps me feel more comfortable during office hours and at home... its really very nice... I want to praise God always in my own little way..

Entry by: allan - Email: fruitoffaith_06 AT yahoo.com
take time to meditate on the lyrics of this song

Entry by: comfort - Email: comfortlenjo AT yahoo.com
i am a cameroonian. I am a christian by faith. I feel great touched by the way you sing and the lyrics of your songs. look at songs like \'at the foot of the cross\' you who made the mountains and the stars amongst other I feel greatly inspired to an extend that i even find myself shading tears when i listen to them. i believe that one Day God may bless me to see you so that you my drill me into your choir so that i can also serve as you do. with love from your fan God bless you and guide you.

Entry by: Boniphace - Email: boniphaceh AT yahoo.com
This song is just wonderful,any time i listen to the words i just feel touched by God`s hands..would like to ask if you guys could even send me the chords( written notes) be blessed!

Entry by: Grace Ngina - Email: obakuria AT yahoo.com
Am a kenyan,the song \"i will sing\"really uplifts me when i feel down and low. These gives me strength to carry on knowing that God knows even my darkest Hours ad he will come through for me. Bravo! Doen Moen

Entry by: MOSES - Email: dvson4wonder AT yahoo.com
hey. Don Moen i love your songs it really makes me fell better, even in God. Thanks, God in his infinite mercy will countinue pamparing you.

Entry by: Bruce Musalika - Email: Bmusalika AT yahoo.fr
Thank you very much Don Moen the song is realy uplifting we use to sing it at church and now I have the lyrics God bless you very much

Entry by: George Omitha, kenya - Email: g.omitha AT yahoo.com
This song is GOD SENT to inspire we christians during hard times. I love it. God bless mr. Moen

Entry by: Thierry - Email: victha5 AT yahoo.fr
God bless you and your voice can yo voice help a lot of people bless u

Entry by: ALBERT - Email: albertmichaeljohn AT yahoo.com
hey don moen big up for your song b'coz it make me feel blessed

Entry by: cadeau - Email: venuca AT yahoo.fr
this song is blessed

Entry by: elijah romuga - Email: jaylay07 AT yahoo.com
i am a filipina,and im 15 years old,i love that song it inspires me...........

Entry by: JANE kIM - Email: janwam06 AT yahoo.com
Oh i love the song may the lord bless the work of Don's hands. Be blessed brother

Entry by: Chidi Dimkpa - Email: capjay4jesus AT yahoo.co.uk
You're the bomb, Don. I respect the grace of God upon your life.

Entry by: ayetuoma felix - Email: felixayetuoma AT yahoo.com
this song is an inspirational & a song dat leads one to Gods presence i love it .thanks 4 releasing d lyrics may GOD continue to inspire you in JESUS name (amen).pls try & release more lyrics as GOD will continue 2 strengthen u.from NIGERIA

Entry by: Alice - Email: islandgirlkuhuley_ny AT msn.com
Thank you and God bless you Don Moen and Jasmine... I love you brothers and sisters...

Entry by: Ashok - Email: ashu_kumar205 AT yahoo.com
Pray for my parents salvation

Entry by: maria theresa belmonte - Email: mrnL02 AT yahoo.com
wooooow' I relly love this song....it really touches my heart and my whole being..... thank you sir Don...and GODbless'

Entry by: pris - Email: upriscilla AT hotmail.com
this song realy reflects my weaknesses but also gives me hope reminding me that I'm in God's grace!! thans and God bless you!

Entry by: Rodel Santiago - Email: rodelfs AT yahoo.com
I've been listening to God Will Make a Way CD evrytime and can;t get tired of it all, but I can't find the chords of the songs. Will anybody help me with the guitar chords of the songs. Thanks and God Bless

Entry by: Rene D. Buquil - Email: tart_dorenz AT yahoo.com
i really love Christian song especially the Album of Don Moen..It is a great help to us listenning Christian music,because it help us to determine whether we are in God's accordance or not..God bless us all!!

Entry by: Joel Lim - Email: funnieguy1993 AT hotmail.com
Peace to brother and sisters in Our Lord Jesus Christ.yes.definitely we will all sing for what he will do,has done and for who he is.Hallelujiah!Amen.God Bless You

Entry by: Gold - Email: xfun4me AT yahoo.com
well done. more grease to your elbow.

Entry by: Mike - Email: won1mike AT yahoo.com
The song is an inspiration to all and espessially when you feel that the lord is no where near you. It brings joy to know that God will always be there to bring you back when you are lost.

Entry by: chris - Email: elijeh AT yahoo.com
this song is touching and powerful. I thank God for his love & mercy. and to u mr moen keep up the good job

Entry by: Goerge Ofol - Email: rolex_07 AT fastermail.com
The music makes me to feel how wretched i am, for woe is me. But i thank God through Jesus Christ who came to seek for the lost sheep in the house Isreal.

Entry by: Remmy Basyasky - Email: rbasyasky AT yahoo.com
I really like this song..but i prefer "Sing For Joy" than "I Will Sing",thats a good song!!God Bless

Entry by: kaonga henry - Email: kanos AT saintly.com
This song is so much an inspiration to me.Every time I reflect on the words, I see the real struggle that we as christians normally encounter. I am so thankful fo this song to God and to you Mr Moen. I cn not help but sing and pray to the Lord. God bless you.

Entry by: Ti - Email:
I am a chinese that from HongKong( the SARS city) Thx a lot Jasmine to submitting these lyric!! I love the song, but i can't listen English so good... Thx u a lot for providding the lyric .. !

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